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Snack ideas

Do you struggle to think of healthy snack ideas? Sometimes when you are busy it feels easier to reach for a croissant or a brioche as it is quick and convenient. However, this can send your blood sugar balance on a bit of a rollercoaster that leaves you feeling low on energy and craving more sugary foods. High sugar foods may also disrupt the balance of your gut bacteria which may leave you feeling tired, bloated, painful cramps, indigestion symptoms and you may notice a change in your bowel habits.

If you would like some quick and healthy snack alternatives here are some that I often recommend to my clients:

  1. Houmous and vegetable sticks of your choice

  2. Half an avocado on a rice cake with a handful of nuts or seeds

  3. Two squares of dark chocolate with a small handful of unsalted mixed nuts (avoid roasted nuts)

  4. An apple or celery served with a tablespoon of nut butter

  5. Greek yoghurt served with mixed seeds

  6. Cottage cheese served on oat cakes

  7. Protein balls

  8. Melon and prosciutto

  9. Watermelon and feta skewers

  10. Prosciutto wrapped figs

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