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Are you ready to take that step and move from exhausted to energised, from stressed to calm, to be able to think clearly and get back to feeling your best and have a happy and energy-filled life? I offer one-to-one consultations and I work with you to reach your health goals by using my nutritional knowledge and health coaching skills. 


Working with me

I offer programmes to my clients as this gives the most transformational results rather than one-off appointments followed by a single follow-up consultation. 


This lets me support you properly as you adopt new habits and embrace a new lifestyle to help you reach your goals. 

All consultations are held over zoom.

Free Health review

For your peace of mind, take advantage of my COMPLIMENTARY Health Review before you book in a programme.

This is an opportunity for you to discuss any health concerns you have and what your health goals are.

You will be heard and will have a chance to ask question and learn how I can help you. Click here to book in.


Ready, steady, go!

How many times have you set yourself a health goal with the best of intentions and then realised you lack the willpower to achieve this as lots of things get in your way and you end up feeling guilty?


During this one-hour session you will learn how to banish those feelings of guilt and discover that it isn’t your lack of willpower that is the problem. During this five-step process you will:


  • Get clear on your goal

  • Understand your current reality

  • Explore ways to achieve your goal

  • Understand your barriers and how to overcome them

  • Take action and create a plan to achieve your goal


Included in the price of Ready, set, goal you will have two 15-minute accountability follow up appointments to check in on how you are getting on with an opportunity for you to ask questions.


  • £95

Gut Health MOT

During this 30 minute consultation you will learn the basics for good digestive health. It includes:

  • 7 day food diary review

  • 7 day meal plan

  • Recipes, handouts and a shopping list to support your gut health


  • £95

Six-week health coaching programme

This programme is ideal for you if you know how to change your diet but struggle to make the changes, you're overwhelmed by all the changes you feel you need to make and this leaves you feeling stuck and no closer to moving forward to achieving your health goals.


Over the six week period you will:


  • Get clear on your goals

  • Change your mindset

  • Work on behaviour change

  • Understand your motivators

  • Unlock your potential to achieve your health goal



  • £250

(Please note, this package does not include recommendations of supplements or functional testing)

3 month Signature programme

Taking a holistic approach, I use the functional medicine model to understand any possible imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms. The programme includes:


  • Analysis and research of your case

  • Personal health coaching to support you in your lifestyle changes

  • Personalised nutrition and supplementation plan

  • Arrangement and analysis of functional tests

  • Recipes and handouts relevant to your programme

  • 10% discounts on supplements at The Natural Dispensary

  • Weekly follow up consultations



  • Two monthly instalments of £350 (£700)  

(Please note supplements and functional tests are not included in the cost of this price)

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