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The Perimenopausal guide to new year’s resolutions

Do you want to make some new year resolutions for 2024 but are lacking inspiration? Fear not, my guide is here to inspire you so you can live your best life in 2024, it is going to be YOUR YEAR!


1.    Master the Art of the Fan Dance

Ladies, forget about those fancy gym memberships! Invest in a collection of stylish handheld fans that can double as your secret weapon against hot flushes. It’s time to embrace the elegance of the fan dance – a skill every perimenopausal woman should master to gracefully navigate the unpredictable waves of heat.


2.    Become a Mixologist of Hormone-Boosting Cocktails

Say goodbye to the generic smoothies and hello to hormone-boosting concoctions! Become a mixologist in your kitchen, experimenting with ingredients rumoured to ease perimenopausal symptoms. Cheers to flaxseed, soy, and wild yam – your new best friends in the battle against hormonal chaos.


3.    The Yoga of Eye Rolling

Who says yoga is just for flexibility? Introducing the revolutionary “Eye Rolling Yoga” – a practice designed exclusively for perimenopausal women. Channel your inner zen by mastering eye rolls of epic proportions, especially when someone suggests that a good night’s sleep is the cure for everything.


4.    Decluttering: Out with the Hormonal, In with the Hilarious

Bid farewell to unnecessary hormonal baggage cluttering your life. Let go of those mood swings with a laugh-out-loud comedy binge. Laughter, they say, is the best medicine – and certainly more enjoyable than a hormonal rollercoaster. Chuckle your way through menopause, one sitcom at a time.


5.    Nap-Time Entrepreneurship

Turn midday napping into a profitable venture. Leverage your perimenopausal prowess by offering nap consultations or creating a line of nap-friendly products. Get on the menopause bandwagon and capitalise on the menuniversal need for a quick siesta – because napping is an art, and you're the expert. Your perimenopausal wisdom is your strength – why not make a cozy profit from it?


Obviously, perimenopause symptoms are no joke but some of the advice dished out to women is laughable. If you would like to discuss any of your symptoms with me, please do get in touch and book in a free call with me. Click here to book in.

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