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The Power of Protein for Perimenopausal Women

One key nutritional element that is often overlooked during perimenopause is the importance of protein. Perimenopausal women need protein in their everyday diet.

So, why is protein so important?


1.  Protein serves as the building blocks for all the tissues in your body, including muscles, organs, bones, and cells. It helps to regulate metabolic function.


2. Enzymes are found in every single cell of your body. They are made from protein, and they are essential for helping your body make energy, make your hormones, digest your food and many other metabolic processes.


3. Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, are made from protein. They help regulate your mood, help you sleep, aid digestion, regulate your appetite, regulate your memory, and they have a role in how your body deals with stress.


4. Protein plays a vital role in hormone synthesis and regulation. Hormonal fluctuations are a hallmark of perimenopause, and consuming adequate protein can help support the production and balance of hormones. This is particularly relevant for hormones like insulin and growth hormone, which are intricately linked to overall health and well-being.


5. Protein plays a role in stabilising blood sugars, preventing the rapid spikes and crashes that can affect energy levels. This becomes particularly relevant for perimenopausal women seeking stable energy throughout the day, contributing to overall health and well-being.


6. As women age muscle loss can become a concern and adequate protein intake is essential for maintaining muscle mass. Your muscles are multitaskers, they help to regulate your blood sugar balance and help burn fat by regulating fat and carbs.


Osteoporosis becomes a concern for many women as they age, and perimenopause is no exception. Protein is not only essential for muscle health but also plays a role in maintaining strong and healthy bones.


Protein is a nutritional powerhouse that perimenopausal women should prioritise in their everyday diet. From supporting muscle health and metabolism to aiding in hormonal balance and bone health, the benefits of protein are far-reaching.

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