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Do you need relief from bloating?

Do you find when you go on holiday, and you have a break from your usual routine you experience bloating?

Bloating can be very uncomfortable, your tummy may feel rock hard, your clothes feel tighter, you may look pregnant and it can leave you feeling self-conscious.

To help resolve your bloating it is important to understand what may be causing it. Here are some common causes of bloating:

  • Stress

  • Food intolerance

  • Drinking alcohol

  • Change of diet

  • Excess gas

  • Unbalanced gut bacteria

  • Constipation

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Dehydration

To relive your bloating, you could try the following tips to help bring you some relief.

Physical activity

Exercise may help relieve bloating by encouraging the bowels to get moving

Keep a food diary

Keeping a food diary may help you identify which foods are triggering your symptoms

Balanced diet

A balance diet means eating a variety of fruit and vegetables as well as protein, fat and carbohydrates. This will help support the health of your gut and by eating a variety of fruit and vegetables you will be encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut, and this helps to keep you healthy.

Your gut bacteria loves fibre, it’s the fuel that helps them do their job which is to maintain our health. If you have a low intake of fibre, it’s recommended that you gradually increase the amount of fibre in your diet. Starting ‘low and slow’ allows your digestive system to get used to your increased fibre intake. A sudden increase may lead to some unpleasant symptoms such as excessive wind or bloating.


Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that can be found in certain foods and supplements. There are different strains of probiotics that may help relieve bloating. It is important to pic a good quality supplement. This is because the probiotic has to survive stomach acid to reach the large intestine (where our gut bacteria is located.)

If you have a health condition or are taking any other medication you should always consult a health professional before taking a probiotic.

Finally, if you find you have persistent bloating it is important to see your GP. Bloating may be a red flag symptom so it is important to seek medical advice to rule out any serious medical condition that may be causing your bloating.

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